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The Doctoral Programmes

Registration of documents is implemented from the June 20 to July 6 , entrance examinations are from the 7 to 13 of July (for non-budgetary places)/

Available majors:

08.06.01 Technics and technology of building

09.06.01 Informatics and computer engineering

15.06.01 Machine Construction

23.06.01 Technics and technology of ground transport

27.06.01 Management in engineering systems

38.06.01 Economics

Prerequisites (a list of publications, an essay, etc.)

Application for admission to the Doctoral Programs is addressed to the Rector with the following documents:

• copies of state-recognized Diploma of Higher Education and its annex

(For those who have been educated abroad, including citizens of the CIS, copy of the relevant Diploma and the certificate’s copy of equivalence of documents confirming education, issued in a foreign state, to the Diploma of Higher Education of the Russian Federation, issued by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation);

• personnel record card;

•list of published scientific works, inventions, reports on scientific research;

•certificate of candidacy examinations’ passing if the student has passed candidacy examinations

(for those who have passed the candidacy examinations abroad – certificates of presence of the legal validity at the document of candidacy examinations’ passing, issued by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation);

If the graduate student doesn’t have published scientific works and inventions, he, by the decision of his scientific adviser, encloses to the application the essay on the proposed scientific topic.

Identity document and the Diploma of higher education (for those who have been educated abroad – diploma and certificate’s copy of its equivalence) are submitted personally.

The competition is realized on branches of science in accordance with key figures of admission’s plan to the Doctoral Programs.

Tuition fees and other expenditures

72-128 thousand roubles /year (the cost depends on the major)